5 Jobs That Let You Drive

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If you are the type of person that does not particularly like interacting with people, or the type of person who cannot stand sitting at a desk staring at a screen without a scenery change, finding a driving job may be right up your alley. Some people enjoy being able to be in their own space without having to convince people to buy things, or having to deal with large groups of people. Here is a list of 5 jobs that are perfect for the more introverted people, jobs that will let you drive a car all day long.

1- Delivery Driver

Being a delivery driver is the ultimate job of solitude. You do have to deal with customers, but only for a very brief moment as you are delivering their food. You could deliver food for a number to restaurants that will hire you specifically to deliver their food, like pizza places or other places that are known for delivery like Jimmy John’s. Many restaurants do catering and hire a driver just to deliver their catered food. You could also be an independent contractor and choose which places you would like to deliver to through Uber Eats or DoorDash. The best part about delivering food is being able to be alone in your car and listening to music while you work. If you would rather not deliver food, you could also drive for regular Uber and drive people where they need to go. The plus side of being a delivery driver is that they often make great tips.

2- Airport Bus Driver

If you live close to a large airport, you could work as a bus driver. There are typically lots of parking lots near the airport that will shuttle people from the parking lot to the airport. You would be constantly on the go but would be able to get to meet a lot of excited people who are headed on vacation. Airport bus drivers tend to make great tips as well.  If you know how to drive a bus, you could also be a bus driver for the city, or for local schools if you do not live near an airport.

3- Tow Truck Operator

Being a tow truck operator requires lots of training and skill as opposed to just mindless driving, but they do get to drive a lot. If you do decide to go into the towing and recovery business, it can be a very exciting job, with something different happening each day. You will often see some sad accidents, but each day will bring you something new. People need tow trucks for all types of reasons, and most of the time, you are these people’s hero when you show up.

4- Tour Bus Driver

Some of the most fun jobs are jobs that you can work at where people go for their vacation. If you are young and are able to head somewhere touristy such as Hawaii or Alaska, you could be a tour bus driver while giving tours somewhere beautiful! It will almost be as if you are on vacation yourself. The best part about working this type of job is that the people you interact with are happy and excited to be on vacation, and it is not too often that you have someone incredibly upset with you. You will get to explore and get to know somewhere incredibly beautiful and unique while getting paid!

5- Long Haul Trucking

The ultimate job of complete solitude is that of a long-haul trucker. Long haul truckers have to be alone in their car for hours and sometimes even days, only getting to interact when they need to fill up on gas. This is a great job for people who like their alone and quiet time, but still want to work. It is a difficult job to learn how to handle a semi-truck on busy roads, but if you are the type of person that is good at driving big rigs and driving for long distances without becoming tired, this is the perfect job for you.

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