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Aberdeen’s XL Global Group marks 30th anniversary with expansion plans

Aberdeen-based engineering solutions firm, XL Global Group, is celebrating its 30th anniversary by announcing plans for further expansions.

The firm is set to sign a contract that will see it join a partnership agreement to expand to Latin America, marking the first time the firm has operated in the region.

The company is made up of  11 divisions, each offering engineering solutions to a range of sectors.

Company chief executive, Colin Laird, said:  “There is not a more fitting way to mark our 30th anniversary than by fulfilling another of our strategic goals – establishing a presence in Latin America.  We are also in the process of negotiating a multi-million-pound investment that will accelerate the next phase of our business plan, through both acquisitions and organic growth.”

“We will continue to have a deep connection with the oil and gas industry,” Laird added.

“However, we are moving from upstream to embrace downstream as well. So rather like from ‘farm to fork’, we are now working from wellhead to fuel cap.

“We are also applying our expertise to emerging energy and renewables markets such as hydrogen, wind and solar.  Similarly, we are already using our skill sets to deliver efficiency savings and productivity benefits to clients in healthcare, logistics, pharmaceuticals, water, manufacturing and aviation.”

XL Group history

© Supplied by XL Global Group
Colin Laird CEO at XL Global Group.

Founded in 1992, the firm originally worked on equipment for the military before changing its name in 2000 to XL Group and rebranded again in 2016 to XL Global Group.

XL Group today includes a range of software, IT, equipment supply, manufacturing, fabrication, electrical engineering and calibration service businesses that serve the firm’s client base.

Laird cites longevity of service among his employees as a key factor in the group’s success.

“The first guy I hired is semi-retired now but still active within the business, 30 years later. Many others have been with me for 25 years or more.

“It has become a cliché to say that employees are the key reason for success within a business, but in our case, it is demonstrably true.

“I am merely the conductor of an orchestra comprised of extremely talented musicians. I chose the sheet music but it’s ultimately down to them to perform it.”


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