Exploring micro-credentials as a form of Professional development of teachers

The term micro-credential refers to a certification that a trainee receives after short duration workshop arranged by educational institutes at national or international levels. When we specifically talk about K-12 teachers, their professional growth needs such micro-credentials. They boost their skills and confidence too. 

Micro-credentials play an important role in professional development. How do these micro-bandages play their role in professional development? How they benefit educational institutes will be discussed. In this article, we also discuss the role of Acuutrain corporations. Because these corporations are playing a chief role in micro-credential badges. So, stay tuned.

Role of Micro-credential for Professional Development:

Such short workshops focus on specialised skills that educators can learn in a short period of 3 to 4 days. The purpose of such short workshops is to deliver sessions on a specific topic so that the educator focuses on that specialised skill. It saves a lot of time and the educator learns a lot of skills rather than enrolling in 6 months or one-year programs. That is so lengthy and time taking.

These sessions are conducted online so there will be no issue of accessibility. Everyone who wants to learn a skill can easily participate through online sessions. Due to busy routines, it is not easily accessible for everyone. Many educators ignore onsite workshops as they have accessibility issues. But micro-credentials have solved this issue.

Professional growth of K-12 teachers should be a continuous process. It should grow with the coming advancement in education. Educators can continue this growth by having such learning sessions. It helps not in professional development but also produces a good impact on the educational growth of students.

  • Provide Knowledge of current needs:

K-12 teachers must know what is the current need. It directly affects the grades of students. If a teacher knows what courses and skills are necessary to deliver according to current needs, he is a successful teacher. And how does he come to know about such needs? Of course micro-credential workshops.

Micro-credentials are frequently made to stack, which allows for the creation of more extensive qualifications by joining them with other credentials or degrees. This makes it possible for professionals to create a unique learning pathway and eventually accumulate a variety of certificates that represent a wider range of abilities.

                                                 Microcredential Statistics.

How AccuTrain is Serving for Professional Development.

It is such a corporation that focuses on the Professional growth of K-12 educators. The purpose of Accutrain is to serve educators to raise educational standards. It is the corporation that held micro-credential meetings and training. Which includes discussions and assessments. In the final step, they award certificates to those educators who attend such workshops.

The prime purpose is the professional development of K-12 educators. AccuTrain serves this opportunity to educators. This corporation helps educators with conferences at national and international levels.

Modes of AccuTrain Training:

  • eLearning.
  • Onsite Training.

AccuTrain eLearning:

In eLearning the educators get online training. These trainings have a maximum duration of 1 or 2 hours. And maxim material is delivered to K-12 educators which helps them to sharpen their skills. It is one of the biggest opportunities for professional growth. These micro-credentials later provide online certification of the conduct of the assessment meeting such as shormeetingsng.

Onsite AccuTrain Training:

In the case of Onsite training, the trainee will attend the program physically. It will be of two or three days which focus on educators’ learning and enhancement of skills. The topics that Accutrain seminar docs include:

  • Centred Discipline.
  • Mental Health.
  • Self-Regulation.
  • Relational Aggression.
  • Connections and Interactions.
  • Oppositional Defiant Disorder.
  • Engaging Traumatised children.

All the above-discussed topics are sensitive topics that should be highlighted to an educator. He is the one who is controlling different behaviours in a single classroom. So, he must be trained to control the classroom environment.

            On-site AccuTrain For Professional Development.

Certification in AccuTrain Programs:

The Accutrain programs issue certificates to those educators who attend the meeting. This certificate is an indication that the trainee has completed the 2 or 3 days workshop. He has successfully participated in the assessment. And this certification is about educators on their way to professional development. The more such training an educator attends, there will be more chances of improvement in skills. So, these micro-credentials Accutrain are beneficial for educators’ professional growth.


In this article, we have discussed the professional development of K-12 teachers. If we have discussed that micro-credential training is one of the ways to boost their skills. And we have discussed the AccuTrain program. Which is the best example of micro-credentials. We have discussed that these programs are short but worthwhile. The educators gather a lot of informative data and go through assessments in a short period. And in return, they get a certificate of attendance too.

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