Fake News of 4 Robots Killed 29 Japanese Scientists

While most people know that this is fake information, some Americans and others around the globe still believe it to be true. The alleged incident in which 4 robots attacked scientists/lab workers at a Japanese robotics company was not reported in Japan, but it was recently reported in the U.S. as fake news. Most Japanese have never heard of this incident. So, what was this alleged story of robot attack all about?

How this fake news got spread

 Social media users started spreading the news that “4 AI robots killed 29 people in Japan” in December 2018. They also shared a short video. This video was taken from Linda Moulton Howe’s hour-long presentation at Conscious of Life Expo, Los Angeles, February 2018. Although the presentation was focused on artificial intelligence’s dangers, it also included stories about alien encounters, abductions and other dimensions.

Howe opened her Expo presentation by saying that four AI robots, which were being built for military purposes at a Japanese robotics company, had shot metal bullets and killed 29 people in a laboratory. She said, “The terrible thing about this incident is that lab workers shut off two of the robots, and disassembled the third, but the fourth one began to recover itself.” Howe continued, “This information will never be made public.” Robotics companies would have too many to lose by making this information public. And, most importantly, the Japanese government desires AI robot soldiers.

There is no evidence for the alleged killing incident

Howe claimed that the source of the information was a whistleblower who had signed contracts with the CIA and other agencies. Howe’s story was strangely lacking in details. Howe didn’t provide any details about the source of her information or the name of the factory that was allegedly responsible for the massacre. She also did not identify the names of any scientists who were killed. Although Howe claimed that the government suppressed reports about this robot uprising, it is reasonable to expect some news coverage regarding the deaths or disappearances dozens of top Japanese scientists.

This was also strange, as it served little more than a footnote to Howe’s overall presentation. This outlandish tale seemed to be more of an anecdote than a recounting of a true incident. After opening with the robot murder report, Howe moved on to the dangers and implications of artificial intelligence. She then referred to alien encounters. Finally, she said that humans could be artificially intelligent creations from an alien race. … Are humans really androids made by another person?


We searched the internet to find credible information on her claims. The scientific community is stunned that four robots in development for military use have killed 29 people in a laboratory. These incidents are not normally reported by the media, but they were in this instance. It is possible to conclude that Howe’s story consists of a conspiracy theory without any evidence.

In conclusion, it is not possible to prove that the four AI robots infected 29 Japanese scientists. To learn more about this alleged robot killing incident and how widespread this fake news is, visit this page.

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