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Glenaras experiencing pressure depletion

Galilee Energy’s Glenaras multi well pilot has continued to observe strong pressure depletion and this trend has been confirmed by further direct pressure measurements and build-up tests taken in several wells across the pilot.

This observation is the most evident in Glenaras 22, which despite being one of the prolific water producers, has seen a 30 per cent reduction in reservoir pressure to around 800 psi in just four months since the pilot resumed production.

It is apparent from pressure profiles released by Galilee Energy that despite encouraging results, desorption process, with continued pumping over the coming months still require to expand the area of desorbed gas sufficiently to yield indicative results.

There are currently 14 wells producing, with two wells requiring workovers over the next two weeks to replace pumps.

While gas rates have decreased slightly as a result, they are still at some of highest rates recorded to date for the pilot.

Gas from these wells will supply a new gas-only generator which has been recently commissioned to enable excess flared gas to be utilised and assist in driving down operating costs with increasing gas rates.

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