Is Gen Z Set Up to Succeed?

Is Gen Z in a worse position entering the workforce than previous generations? They have been applauded countless times for their acumen in technology, social awareness, and interconnectivity. Still, many cohort members feel they are at a disadvantage in the job market. They don’t feel like they are set up to succeed in the modern world. Could their upbringing have long-term effects on their careers, and was the situation out of their control, to begin with? 

Where did these problems arise?

Harmony Healthcare IT conducted a revealing survey where out of 1,000 Gen Z respondents, nearly 90 percent felt that their generation is not set up for success. Many felt that coming of age in a pandemic gave them overwhelming feelings of isolation and an uncertain future. Rightfully so, and the entire population can empathize with those feelings. However, we had experienced the typical workforce before our office lives were flipped on their head by the pandemic. Gen Z was left without any sense of normalcy and still may be without it. 

Have we had it easier than Gen Z?

But have other generations had it easier? When I entered the workforce in 2016, we weren’t in any tremendous economic turmoil. However, I did have to go through high school in a low-income household during the Great Recession. But that didn’t hold a candle to the Covid lockdown. It wasn’t easy for the generations navigating other recessions and healthcare emergencies we’ve withstood over the last several decades, but none amounted to the toll Covid took on everyone. So yes, we have had it easier if we’re talking about how well we were established when the pandemic hit. 

How can they bounce back?

But there are always ways to bounce back. We now live in a country where mental health is a focal point, and the workforce is being tailored to the digitally adept. In addition, Gen Z is at the age to vote and will soon have major economic spending power. Soon, the world will carve out a place for them, and those feelings of hopelessness will start melting away. 

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