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Just Stop Oil supporters arrested in Aberdeen following protests

Just Stop Oil has covered Aberdeen’s Silver Fin building in orange paint in a sign of “solidarity” with fellow activist group, Extinction Rebellion.

Three of the protestors have since been arrested.

The Union Street offices house Neo Energy and the primary target of the protest, Barclays bank – while oil giant, Shell, will move in soon.

Shell said there were none of its employees in the building at the time, adding that it respects “the right of people to protest and express their point of view”.

Further adding “that society needs to take urgent action on climate change.”

A company spokesperson said: “Shell has a clear target to become a net-zero emissions business by 2050.

“We are also deeply committed to the UK and are planning to invest between £20-25 billion in the UK energy system over the next decade – more than 75% of this will be in low and zero-carbon products and services, including offshore wind, hydrogen and electric mobility.”

Just Stop Oil protestors were showing support for Extinction Rebellion’s “Better without Barclays” campaign which is taking place across the country.

The protests are to oppose “Barclays’ investment in environmentally destructive activities such as fossil fuels and deforestation”, according to Just Stop Oil.

Activists also targeted the bank’s union street branch, plastering the window with posters.

© Supplied by Just Stop Oil
Protestors target Barclays bank union street branch

One Just Stop Oil protestor said: “Though Barclays is only one link in a global funding stream, they are the largest fossil fuel funder in Europe.

“We want them to step down from this role and as they don’t seem to be doing it voluntarily, we are seeking to cause disruption to their branches and offices to pressure them to do the right thing.

“Climate activists are doing this because we are motivated by love. We love this planet, this is our home, but right now its ecological systems are breaking down and we want to change that.”

Just Stop Oil performed a series of protests on the M25 in London last week which resulted in a police officer being sent to the hospital after two lorries knocked him off his bike.

55 Tufton Street, London, was also covered in orange paint by a retired bouncer from south London, while six Just Stop Oil activists blocked the road recently.

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