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Norway to stand down military at onshore oil and gas assets

Norwegian armed forces are to stop guarding onshore oil and gas assets, with the threat of an attack now diminished.

But local police told news agency Reuters that the country’s military will continue to safeguard offshore platforms.

Following the suspected sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines in September, Norway flexed its military muscle, ramping up protection around assets.

There were also numerous reported sightings of unidentified drones flying near to offshore installations in the Norwegian Sea – others were spotted near onshore gas plants.

Norway has stepped up to the plate in recent months, boosting its oil and gas supplies to help Western Europe wean off Russian flows.

In a statement given to Retuers, Police Chief Benedicte Bjoernland said: “As the situation stands today, there are no concrete threats against Norwegian oil and gas installations.

“Although the overall threat level has not changed, we now have better control and overview of the situation, which means the police no longer need the assistance of the Home Guard.”

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