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It has been 3 years since we have been running an online video streaming website. Well, it was not just a show off!!😑 Basically, in this journey, we have realised that due to some country-specific restrictions, we missed many markets that were potent enough to join our portfolio. 

That’s why we planned to shift our website on DMCA ignored hosting servers to ensure we can expand our website worldwide without any restrictions. Hence we started our research and ended on a website that was QloudHost. 


Its features and plans were quite attractive, so we decided to try it and share our personal experience with its quality, reliability, server performance, customer support and much more here in this QloudHost review!! 

About QloudHost

QloudHost is one of the best offshore hosting providers comes with 100% privacy assurance. But you may argue, why do they assure full privacy? Simple!! Because they support freedom of speech and ensure that everyone in the world can make their online presence without any fear of some country-specific restrictions.


Sounds cool? Then let’s move ahead!! To provide you full privacy QloudHost uses the top class offshore server infrastructure to provide you services with impenetrable security and untraceable footprints on the internet. 



What makes QloudHost different from other Offshore VPS Hosting Providers?

As we mentioned above, unlike the other DMCA Ignored web hosting service provider, QloudHost respects your privacy and freedom of speech, which separates it from the market. 


Despite it is one of the youngest offshore VPS hosting providers, QloudHost has started its journey with a strong vision to provide web hosting services at which you can trust when privacy is concerned. 


Another interesting aspect of it is that QloudHost provides you with 100% resilient servers so you can post all your desired content without any restrictions or interruptions. 



Speed Test and Analysis

So its mission and vision separate it from the market!! But what about its performance? Don’t worry here in this section, we have mentioned the results of some tests we conduct to analyse its server’s performance.  

Server Uptime

Starting with the server uptime test first!! Basically, uptime tells the availability of your website on the internet. So how much exactly server uptime does QloudHost guarantee? As far as I know, they provide you service with 99.9% uptime. 


This is what was mentioned on their website. What about the actual uptime?? See!! To find out the actual uptime of their servers, we conducted a test of our website at Pingdom. Which is a well-known platform. 


And guess what? We found really satisfying results, Pingdom depicted their server uptime to be 

100%, as you can see in the image attached below. 


Page Speed Test

In addition to that, we also conducted the page speed test to know how fast their server response time is!! Because as you know, if the website’s loading speed is slow on the internet, then it can negatively affect your traffic. 


That’s why we tested our website loading speed on GTmatrix and very impressive results!! GTmatix ranked our website with an A grade with the first content paint in just 576ms and full loading time was just 6.6 sec. 


As you can see in the image attached below.



Security Analysis

Its performance results were really amazing and satisfying but what about its security? See!! There actually no tool to analyse the security strength of their server but we can get an idea via their security features. 


And for your convenience we have mentioned them below. 


Full DDoS protection: As you may already be aware of DDoS attack which are intended to dry up you resources such as bandwidth to crash down your webstie. QloudHost provides you full DDoS protection to ensure the maximum availability of your website on the internet. 


Strong firewall: Firewalls are used to protect the server against anykind of unauthorised access, DDoS, malware or anyother cyber attack. 


Consistent onsite monitoring: While researching about its services we found that its dedicated team of technical constantly monitors your server resources and website’s data to ensure impenetrable security. 


Full data privacy: One of best features of QloudHost is that in minimises the visibility of your personal data to ensure that you are untraceable on the internet. 


Customer Support

Overall in terms of performance and security QloudHost has shown a really impressive performance in our every test. But one last test was to check their customer support to enure that we will support if we stuck in between our journey. 


QloudHost provides 24*7 customer support with their dedicated team of technical experts and you can connect to them anytime via the below-mentioned mode and get you issues fixed in no time!! 



In addition to that, they have also created an extensive knowledge base so that you can get instant solutions of your problems. 


Key Features of QloudHost

Here in this section we will discuss some of their key features that will help you to get a better understanding of whether you should with QloudHost offshore VPS hosting services or not. 


Daily backup: If you are concerned about your website’s data security then just sit and relax! Because QloudHost provides you services with daily backup features so that you can restore your website in case any misfortune happens.


Full Root Access: See!! If you are not getting full root access with the best offshore VPS hosting provider then frankly you will not be able to enjoy the ultimate power of your servers. And QloudHost knows that very well that’s why they provide you full root access to their server. 


Easy to use control panel: QloudHost provides you services with multiple options to choose the best control panels you are comfortable with!! 


Free managed migration: If you are not comfortable with your existing service provider as we were, you can easily get your website migrated to their servers without any data loss. 

QloudHost Services

Hey!! We discussed its performance, security customer support etc. but we didn’t discuss the service QloudHost provides!! 😅 Well no worries let’s discuss it here in this section. 


Basically, QloudHost offers you 4 different services that are mentioned below.


  • Offshore VPS hosting services

  • Offshore dedicated servers 

  • Offshore streaming server 

  • Offshore video hosting 


Refund Policy of QloudHost

One of the best aspect of QloudHost is that it doesn’t trap you with the services they offer you full money guarantee which you can use to refund your payment anytime within 30 day. 


But its refund policy has some limitations which are mentioned below.


  • It will be entitled to the refund policy if you do not agree to its terms of services

  • No refund policy will be provided to terminated services

  • You will not be avail your refund if you found doing any illicit activities 


Overall we will recommend you to read their terms of services carefully so that you can get a better understanding of their refund policy as per your needs. 


Pros and Cons

We have mentioned some of its key features that will help to understand the complete picture of their service’s quality. 










Is QloudHost legit?



As far as we have analysed their services quality we have found that you can rely their servers, all thanks to the amazing features such as 100% offshore infrastructure and much more. 


Can I cancel QloudHost Services at any time?



QloudHost provides you money back guarantee that allows you to cancel their services anytime within 30 days but only when you agree to their terms of services. 


Which type of websites I can host on QloudHost?

Since QloudHost offers you 100% offshore services you can post all the DMCA ignored content on you website, no matter whether it is video streaming or DMCA ignored blogging content. 


Where QloudHost data centers are located 

To provide you with the best offshore hosting services QloudHost has built its server at the best DMCA ignored locations which is Netherlands. 



Overall concluding this QloudHost review with an important point that if host your website on the best offshore VPS hosting server then you can easily expand your website worldwide without any restriction or interruptions. 


And QloudHost will be perfect pick for you if you are looking for offshore hosting services because it services are based on the best offshore server infrastructure built with latest hardware equippments such as NVMe SSD, latest CPU processors and much more. 


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