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Repsol Sinopec firms up development plans around Claymore, Montrose area

Repsol Sinopec has outlined further details on a suite of development work across the North Sea, including new wells and engineering at the Claymore, Montrose, Cayley and Shaw fields.

Updates filed with the North Sea Transition Authority’s (NSTA) Pathfinder database show new oil production at the Northern Area Claymore (NAC) is due online this quarter, while other projects are expected to be moved towards a final investment decision (FID) and concept select later this year.

The first phase of Northern Area Claymore (NAC) development took place in late 2019 and delivered a workover of the 14/19-C24 well.

Pathfinder entries suggest further development activity in the NAC reservoir were planned, via two workovers on the C71z & C25 wells and a sidetrack in the C58 well.

Consents granted by the Offshore Petroleum Regulator for Environment & Decommissioning (OPRED) in December 2021 approved plans to drill a side-track at field in 2022, workovers at C71 well this year as well as the proposed drilling of a central area Claymore infill well in 2024.

The work will help boost production from the field in 2023 and 2024, with first oil from the first of the projects “anticipated in Q1 2023”, the database suggests.

Repsol Sinopec was approached for comment as to the status of the well.

Montrose area

The company also mooted plans for a third production well at the Shaw field.

Developed as part of the £1.6bn Montrose Area Redevelopment (MAR) aimed at extending the asset’s life to beyond 2030, Shaw is an 18km subsea tie-back to the Montrose platform, with two production wells – SHA and SHB – brought online in 2017 and 2019 respectively, alongside one injection well (SHD).

The third well – SHC – would mix production fluids at the existing subsea manifold for transport to the Montrose BLP via the existing subsea pipeline infrastructure. A contract was awarded last October to provide a new cooling spool, as well as hook-up and commissioning of a new SHC tree.

Production at SHC is expected online within 2023.

At Montrose, Repsol Sinopec outlined a scope for new infill drilling via a single subsea manifold with four well slots, linked to the main Montrose platform.

The operator said front-end engineering and design was now underway, with execution conditional on a project FID expected in Q2 2023.

Finally, it revealed a further development at North Cayley is currently in the concept select phase.

North Cayley was originally part of the phased Montrose redevelopment on the western edge of the Forties Montrose High area, with first gas from the main Cayley field brought online in 2017.

The development was sanctioned in 2012 as a two-well gas condensate subsea development. An existing manifold lies close to the well target location and will allow enabled produced fluids to be tied in and transported back to the Montrose platform.

Subsea controls will be routed via an existing subsea controls manifold, with some topsides modifications proposed to the main controls and safety systems.

First production from North Cayley is forecast for August 2024.

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