Storage For Trades: Why Self Storage Is A Great Idea For Tradespeople

Tradespeople can benefit highly from affordable self storage for many different reasons, which are explored in this article.

Are you a tradesperson looking for London storage? If you’re not, you should be. It’s one of the most beneficial services you can use to protect your tools and supplies, especially at a time when prices are elevated and a break-in of your home or van could be catastrophic for your business.

If you’re unconvinced and feel like the cost of self storage is a wasted outgoing when times are hard, checkout these reasons why self storage is a great idea for tradespeople and you might just think differently:

It’s Your Livelihood

One of the main reasons it is a good idea to put your tools and materials into London self storage is because they are the items you need in order to earn money and make a living. Cheap self storage involves more security than you will ever have at home or for your van, including CCTV, 24/7 reception services, multiple lock points, gates and security lighting. Investing in local self storage to store your tools and materials is a really important extra step to take to keep your things as safe as possible, therefore protecting your livelihood.


With self storage you can extend your business far beyond the capacity of your van, if that is something you have always dreamed of doing. You can have a self storage unit of any size, giving you the ability to work at a much bigger capacity, boosting your business growth far beyond the space of one vehicle.

Peace Of Mind

It can be really worrying to have to leave a van and garage with all your tools knowing that they will be targeted by criminals. By using self storage for your tools, you can leave that worry behind. People may still break-in to try and find valuable tools, but they won’t find anything and your expensive gear will remain safe and sound ready for your next job.

Convenient Locations

Lots of people assume all affordable self storage is rural and out of the way. Those kinds of facilities are useful for some people, especially those who want long-term storage, but many people also need self storage that is in a more convenient location. You need your unit to be within easy reach of your working area so you don’t have to drive hours out of the way to get the tools and materials you need. Luckily, there are many units that are very well hidden, but that are also easily accessible in urban areas. So you can trust when you’re not there your items are safe, but when you do need your things, you don’t have to go very far to get them.

Taking Deliveries

Many facilities will take deliveries on behalf of business owners who rent a unit with them. This means that if your business requires the delivery of certain materials, new tools or other items, you don’t have to be at your unit to accept that delivery, helping you to keep your schedule convenient and flexible whilst important business needs remain taken care of.

Minimising You Being A Target

Unfortunately, you become a target when you have a van full of tools. By storing elsewhere, you can display signage on your van that says no tools left overnight, and you won’t be walking to and from your garage with tools. This minimises how much of a target you are, and helps protect you from criminal attacks that might be even more serious than your tools being stolen.

Climate Control

Your tools and materials are open to the temperature extremes, as they are in your garage or shed. This means expensive items made of wood and metal can warp and become damaged over time. Condensation may also cause issues with rust. In climate controlled self storage you can store your tools in a dry environment that doesn’t cause issues with very cold or very warm temperatures.

Accidental Damage

When you store tools and materials at home or in a van they are open to accidental damage, whether that is flooding, collisions or human error. Of course, they are open to that when you are using them everyday, but you can minimise that risk by storing those items in dry, safe unit space when they aren’t in use by you, or your team.

Lower Police Resources To Deal With Lower-Level Crime

Sadly less money is being put into policing these days and there are reports that the police don’t deal with lower-level crime like theft. So, if you do get broken into the chance of you getting your things back is incredibly low. Insurance will cover your tools to some degree, but the fact is, it is a big inconvenience to get items replaced and there is likely to be some cost to you, whether that is money, time or something else. By keeping your items in a high-security unit you keep your things protected in a society that has a distinct lack of policing at the moment.

Off-Season Storage

You can use your cheap self storage unit to store your things when you’re not at work and you are on holiday or taking some time off. If your work relies on the good weather, something common with a lot of trades people who can’t work much in winter, you have somewhere secure and dry to store your things throughout that off-season, and without it being too high of a cost to do so, either.


The benefits of storing your belongings in self storage as a tradesperson are far-reaching. Why not speak to your local self storage unit today for more information on rates, availability and contracts? It could be the start of you getting better security, tool protection and peace of mind, all at a competitive price.


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