TextMonster Review 2022 — ⚠️SCAM EXPOSED⚠️

Imagine spending hours sitting down and painstakingly transcribing a sizable audio recording. It would be extremely challenging, and time-consuming, and would add another chore to your to-do list. Transcribing audio would likely be the most time-consuming task on your timeline, and you don’t want that.

This is where using transcription software comes into play: anything to try to eliminate that extra amount of labor would be wonderful. This TextMonster Review article’s tool will be very useful if you need your audio files converted to text for vlogging, podcasting, teaching, journalism, or any other reason.

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According to Amazon: “Traditionally, a human would listen to the audio file and type it into a text file to repurpose the spoken content for a different media.

But now, using artifical intelligence, computers can easily convert audio to text in a short time and make the content usable for different purposes like search, subtitles and insights”. TextMonster reduces transcription time to almost ZERO and allows you to focus on your true passions!

Main problem of content generators is that they can’t generate UNIQUE content (it has to be spun, which is NEVER quality). TextMonster allows you to convert niche-specific videos so YOU can generate completely UNIQUE written content!

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There are a number of platforms for automatic transcribing currently available, as may be shown by a short Google search. However, TextMonster stands out from the competition thanks to its variety of other capabilities outside of transcribing.

The user interface is simple, making it quick and simple to upload, modify, and collaborate on files. TextMonster is a wonderful option for both larger enterprises with content needs and content professionals operating at any scale since it offers the added security of powerful protection for all your files and data.

According to our TextMonster reviewers, the app’s biggest selling point is that it puts the power of the service in your hands and lets you carry it with you wherever you go. Without carrying a laptop, you may record interviews, business meetings, discussions, and more.

Through the TextMonster App, you may also use the vast array of editing tools offered by TextMonster. As a result, you’ll be able to modify and/or remove words, highlight important passages, annotate sticky speeches, and more.

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TextMonster’s business features enable you to make the most of your company. You may centralize your bulling, link your workflow via API, grant access to various people, ask for a model that is tailored to your requirements, and even receive volume savings.

Adhering to digital accessibility policies in the university or institution is advantageous given that everything is becoming digital. You may quickly record research interviews and lectures with TextMonster, and you can effortlessly add transcriptions and subtitles to any of your academic writings.

  • For those working in the media and communication

Your material becomes more accessible and alluring to a variety of audiences when you add captions or subtitles to your videos. Use TextMonster to automatically improve your content and make it more social media and SEO friendly.

  • For experts in psychology, law, media, and healthcare

Transcribing your interviews and other videos will ensure a far larger audience by making your content editable, searchable, and simpler to access.

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TextMonster is a user-friendly cloud-based transcribing application that provides both automatic and manual transcription features. It’s perfect for educators, academics, journalists, podcasters, authors, and anybody working in the transcribing industry.

It’s also great for kids. The tools and capabilities offered by TextMonster are perfect for people and users who want to completely digitize their lives and work remotely via the cloud. The transcription tools from TextMonster can quickly and automatically convert audio files to text.

Users can utilize TextMonster’s dictation feature instead of typing to perform manual transcription. Users can simply repeat what they heard on the tape using TextMonster’s unique dictation tool, and it will turn it into text. Users no longer need to type, which substantially speeds up transcribing.


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