The Best Advice You Could Ever Get About Istanbul24/7’s Interview to the Businessman Mamdouh Abdul Dayem

How are you doing, Mr. Mamdouh?

Istanbul24/7’s Ziad here. Mamdouh: I’m fine, thanks, Ziad.

Ziad: Mamdouh, the most well-known entrepreneur, was finally met by me.

Mamdouh: I graduated from the Faculty of Computer-Engineering under the name Mamdouh. I chose computer-engineering because it is the most powerful field. I

Really want to use my cerebrum. I love advancing and bargains, Students Activities helped me more to make my character and get a lot of information.

Ziad: Please share your thoughts with us regarding Mamdouh’s entrepreneurial abilities,

Mr. Mamdouh: Ziad, I have to tell you that it is extremely difficult

to become an entrepreneur and achieve financial independence because one must be adaptable in character. Competitors in the market will not cheer for you or encourage you to continue, but passion and patience will inspire you to come up with ideas and pursue your objectives.

I remember before I started. My friends are the only ones who

can help meowed don’t have any money, but we can think of ideas that will get sponsors to buy it or invest in it.

Management skills (time management and prioritization) and

leadership skills (patience, guidelines, work of ethics, and multiple tasks) You must learn how to deal with various characters.

It’s hard to stay loyal to your company. Leading 50 employees is not the same as leading two.

Attempt to be sensible, have hardworking attitudes and habits, and be amenable

to construct entrust with your accomplices. Because the market is like a small room and every moment will be shared with all of your competitors, this will show in your customers. If you communicate with people, they will listen to you.

However, they must have technical skills in order to follow your orders, and it is possible to give someone an order and have them follow your consequences.

Ziad: Extraordinary Mr. Mamdouh Let us know You let us know the beginning of

your organization was by two so presently you have numerous workers let us know what number of representatives and let us know the difficulties?

Mamdouh: Ziad Tell me right now that my company is a trading company in Turkey.

After many years, we now have 50 employees and work with all countries in

the Mena region. Our competitors spread rumors about us because they have larger budgets than we do.

When we first started trading, we only tested one product and analyzed its “Return on Investment.”Later”, we introduce another product. Our competitors have many products when they first start, but their marketing is out of date. Marketing updates, market research,

and market analysis

will make you compete. Competitors have money and can try to steal your best employees,

but you have an adventurous mind because you are the only one who can create something that will

never end.

Ziad: How can authority be divided between you and your friend?

Mamdouh: Ziad, that is very simple. We formed two teams, created new competition among them, and established a company within a company.

Ziad: Have you been afraid that your friend would abandon you in the middle of the road?

Mamdouh: From the bottom of my heart, that is a good question. Because

he knew some information and I knew another, my friend and I are complementary. Management for us is continuity and leading people to success, while leadership is the transfer of all information to our team and the development of future leaders.

Ziad: Excellent responses, but may I ask if another friend also wanted to join the company?

Mamdouh: Haha, many, but we drew our business’s road map, and I told you

that many partners enjoy knocking heads.We wake up every day to problems in countries in

our region, so we have two umbrellas to shield our team and business from any external earthquake. My partner remained to resolve internal issues, while I traveled to find solutions.

Ziad: If someone needs you as a role model, what would you tell them to do? And which quote is your favorite?

Mamdouh: Be patient, build your own model, be realistic, and trust in

your dreams. Money will come in days, weeks, or months. Make your own shield because you’ll be hit with a lot of arrows to get your heart. Don’t let anyone down and keep in mind that

your journey is over when your breath stops.

Although I don’t have a favorite quote, I have my own: “You are here to create what never ends then teach other people to be like you, learn and teach what you learned.”

That sums up my experience in the most succinct terms: move on, friend, and don’t look back. I will leave Ziad my phone number in case she has any questions. Best of luck.

Ziad: Thank you, Mr. Mamdouh, for the excellent report.

Mamdouh: Thanks

Shalabi, Ziad

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