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‘The next Xmas number 1?’ Duo delight with song about North Sea drillers

A duo have delighted the offshore community with a new song poking fun at life on the North Sea rigs.

‘The Rig Pigs’ shared a song to thousands of viewers on a popular industry website, hitting close to home about an “aspiring greenhand roustabout”.

The newbie adjusting to life on the rigs is a focal point of the tongue-in-cheek tune, which also takes aim at bootlicking culture offshore.

‘If I laugh at the OIM’s jokes, will he take me all the way?’

Commentators have particularly praised a segment dedicated to the greenhand laughing excessively at an OIM’s (offshore installation manager) joke.

“Well done lads, love the gaffer laugher interlude,” said one viewer, while another declared it the “next Christmas number 1”.

‘Chopper sick, home sick… stop card whore, how long has he been offshore?!?’

Another said it was the “best thing ever put on here” in reference to the Rig Workers’ Rant.

Both of the “Rig Pigs” work offshore, including singer-songwriter Mike MacGillivray of Inverness who said he’s delighted with the response to the North Sea song.

He said: “We were just having a few beers at mines one night going over a few different ideas for songs and as we both work offshore and have seen and been in hilarious situations out there (as I’m sure most offshore workers can relate) we thought we’d put pen to paper over a couple of chords and see what happens.

“We had a great laugh writing it, so we just hoped that the offshore workers would find it funny too.”

Mike currently plays with Scottish instrumental/ experimental group “MACGILLI” which can be found on all platforms.

The singer in the video, also from Inverness, used to be in a three-piece acoustic pop band with Mike called “Cryptic Keys”.

“Me and my mate still write music together however, we were going to try and implement his spoken word poetry throughout my loop music that evening, but that Offshore song came and found us instead.

“The best ideas come when you least expect it.”

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