Top 5 Innovative Ways to Generate Leads for Start-ups

When we talk about generating leads for a start-up, it boils down to a strong digital presence and filtered digital marketing to make your place in the saturated market. Whether you are dealing in a B2C business structure, or B2B business structure, digital marketing is the backbone of any platform these days. with the advent of the digital era, businesses have got the most necessary boost to create brand loyalty. In such a scenario, making a place for a start-up is not a piece of cake. If you don’t have a thought-out plan in place, you are severely lacking out.

Today, this post will educate you how can you generate authentic leads for your start-up. However, digital marketing will be the focal point of the post for it being the umbrella term to generate leads via five different ways.

Digital Branding

The very step of digital marketing is branding. Living in the digital world of 2022, everything is online. There is a dire need to make your start-up a brand from the very initial stage. This takes into account building a user-friendly website that will help you reach your prospective consumers easily and quickly. Google is embedded to promote great websites and so are users brain-washed to trust professional-looking websites rather easily. This takes into account incorporating an appealing logo and an SEO-friendly website.

Remember, a website is the front door of your online business and sets the base of all digital marketing campaigns. Hence, make sure, the logo and the website theme resonate with your product and services as well as your target audience. Moreover, pay close attention to your homepage as research shows, a person barely spends a minute on the website analyzing the overall look and them of the homepage and if you are creative enough to hold his attention in this small time, you have already won half of the game. Hence, make sure, the homepage looks professional as well as attractive and draft in close coordination with the expectations of prospective customers.

Social media platforms were once supposed to be solely for fun. The modern concept of social media is completely different; it is now the focal point of digital marketing campaigns. If you are looking forward to generating authentic leads for your start-up, you should first embark on your business on all social media platforms claiming brand identity. Starting with Facebook and Instagram, devise your business on all platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, and YouTube.

Once your business reach these platforms, now you should consider social media advertising as the primary mode to generate authentic leads for your start-up. When we talk about social media advertising, it is paid as well as unpaid.

Brand awareness

social media platforms are all about creating brand awareness. Predominantly, Facebook is one of the widely used social media platform by almost all age groups and hence, proves out to the best place to create loyal customer tale. This takes into account engaging with your followers via appealing content and help them land to your homepage by a single click. Make sure, you insert your business website URL on your business accounts for maximum customer reach.

Content marketing

then there comes social media advertising via content marketing. This involves allocating a specific budget for advertising your content on social media among prospective users. However, before you spend a significant amount over it, expecting a double return, make sure you understand the customer persona and make a wise decision. This takes into account researching your target audience and which would be the most productive platform to reach them. for instance, if you are running a clothing brand for teenagers and adults, Instagram will be the right platforms to allocate the budget too.

People between the age of 15-30 are more likely to use Instagram as compared to Facebook. Coming down to the age group 30-50, this generation is more likely to be inclined towards Facebook and YouTube. Similarly, if you are dealing in intellectual products and services, for example, online tuition service, YouTube would be the right platform for social media advertising targeting all age groups. This is because, the platform is widely used by students of all ages.

2.     Guest Posting and Blogging

For start-ups, guest posting is a great way to generate authentic leads. The trick doesn’t work like a magic trick and requires patience and consistency, but it is always sensible of you to write for bigger platforms fetching thousands of visitors every hour. A few things that play a key-role in guest posting to generate leads for your brand are:

·       Non-plagiarized content

·       SEO optimized content

·       Anchor text leading to your business website.

3.     Connect with Influencers and Bloggers

The social media community has evolved to a great extent. Now we have internet influencers and bloggers leading these platforms and the audience legit follow their steps. You can use their fame to give the most necessary boost to your business.

Now is the age when brands are marketed by sending PR packages to internet influencers and bloggers to generate leads for your business. This trick works like a magic for a start-up. Try connecting with some of them and send your product(s) as a humble gesture for them to review it and praise it on their social media handle. This will help your brand reach wider audience and generate a sense of trust automatically among them when they would see their most favorite personalities talking about them. nowadays, influencers and bloggers most commonly post pictures and stories on their Instagram and Facebook  handle and tag your business page.

For instance, if the scope of your start-up is to deliver services, for example, you have started a spa. Again, you can invite influencers and bloggers to avail free services. Also, give honest opinion on their social media handles tagging your business page.

4.     Engineering as Marketing

Extracted from the book, traction, engineering as marketing is another great way to generate authentic leads for a start-up. in simpler words, provide a valuable service for free to attract users and help you stand out among rivals. This is usually a relevant approach for a service business model. If you have developed an online tool for editing, it is advised to deliberately let your users use the most wanted features for free for a reasonable period and charge them later. You can inaugurate your business with a buy-one-get-one-free offer solely to generate leads and invest in brand loyalty.

5.     Well-written Ads

Last but not least, this is an ever-green piece of advice and works for all types of businesses. Some businesses just come up with boring and bizarre ads which fail to grab viewers’ attention and interest. Hence, make sure, when you write ads, they should be creative and different from rivals. However, using a keyword in the ad is always the secret advice to follow. Moreover, always incorporate a call-to-action in the ad intrigue curiosity in audience and help them land on your website. Giving a hint of the discount in the ads, also works like magic.

Final Verdict

Living in the digital era, digital marketing is the best way to outreach target audience. But it is not as easy as said. It takes into account social media advertising and other tricks to do brand awareness and generate a loyal customer tale.

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