Understanding Your Portable Toilet Rental Agreement

Renting a porta potty is a cost-effective and beneficial for a variety of situations, from events, to job sites, and more. Before searching for a portable toilet rental, understanding the process and what should be included in your rental agreement is extremely important. It will not only make the entire process more secure, but also much easier.

What is a Service Agreement?

Porta potty rental agreements are a contract between you, or the entity renting the restroom and the rental company providing the service. They include all necessary details during the rental process including restroom type, billing, usage, expectations, rental dates, rates and more.

These agreements involve both the party in need of the restroom and the rental company providing and servicing the portable toilets.

What should be included in a portable toilet rental agreement?

One of the biggest and most important parts of a rental agreement is the pricing and term information. Including these details is crucial to get a fair and secure rental. For billing, it will include how and when payment is due, as well as the price agreed. A service agreement should also outline the circumstances of the agreement, including time rented and more.

The agreement should also include information about the type of restroom being rented and how many. It should have information and the restroom, the state of the restroom and more.

The contract should contain what the porta potties are going to be used for, whether at a job or construction site, at an event, etc. There should be a clear outline of all of this in the agreement. These details are important because they can impact the pricing and billing for the rental. In addition to these details the length of time that the portable restroom will be used is key to determine pricing.

In addition, it is important to note that the type of restroom rented will impact the price, with luxury restroom trailers being more expensive than traditional porta potties. Because of these price differences, it is imperative that the type of restroom you are renting is included in the contract.

Porta Potty Rental Options

Understanding your rental agreement, what should be included in it, and its importance is critical. It will not only make the process easy but will also let you know exactly what to expect over the course of the rental.

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