Why choose Dubai Studio City for your business in the UAE?

With cutting-edge infrastructure and purpose-built facilities, including the largest sound stages in the Middle East, Dubai Studio City is ideal for all your production needs. The entertainment ecosystem includes purpose-built studios and creative areas, providing a unique atmosphere where your concept may come to life on screen.

DSC offers specialized real estate, including studios, sound stages, and business offices for production, post-production, and broadcasting. Its offerings include digital content distribution, satellite uplink, industry networking possibilities, filming licenses for Dubai, production and location support, and short and long-term visa facilitation. In this article, we will explore the reasons why you should choose Dubai Studio City for your business in the UAE.

What are the different Dubai Studio City services?

DSC Freezone provides many specialized services for filmmakers looking to start a company, including dedicated production offices that can be rented and expert buyers from all over the world who can source services from top-tier suppliers. The built-to-suit facilities and distinctive architecture of Dubai Studio City are intended to raise the bar for Dubai’s diversified media industry.

The center presently employs more than 2,500 individuals and more than 270 firms. In addition to Studios 1, 4, and 5—home to The Martian, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, and Star Trek Beyond—more than 35 other businesses are now constructing their own facilities.

SAM Film & TV Production and Disney Middle East are two of them. The latter is engaged in several Disney Channel joint ventures. The foremost entertainment hub in the Middle East is Dubai Studio City. In this thriving neighborhood, which is home to one of the world’s highest concentrations of studios and production facilities, we encourage creativity and teamwork every day. Dubai Studio City offers a setting where the greatest talent can express itself at every step of creation, from storyboarding to post-production, driven by a focus on creating high-quality content.

The 60 square kilometer Dubai Studio City DSC Freezone freehold development will include 200 sound stages, including the largest in the Middle East, and a total size of 5.6 million square feet, making it the largest purpose-built studio complex in the area. In the area, more than 100,000 people are anticipated to live there by 2020. The entertainment center creates original content available online, on TV, and in theaters worldwide.

Why should you choose Dubai Studio City for your business in the UAE?

DSC is the only studio facility of its kind in the area. Here is everything you need to know about opening a business setup in Dubai Studio City if you think your company would benefit from working in such a setting.

  1. Excellent Setup at a Low Price

Although home to some of the most well-known companies in the industry, Dubai Studio City provides reasonable license packages to fit most budgets. A trade license at DSC costs roughly AED 15,000, plus you’ll need to pay for a leasing agreement for office space and regular rent. If you’re working alone, DSC also provides permits and packages for independent contractors, which typically cost around AED 25,000 plus an annual renewal price.

  1. Sponsorship becomes easy

By registering your company with DSC, you’ll be able to sponsor dependents for their visas and make it simple to apply for visas for you and your staff. To sponsor a spouse, kid, or domestic worker, you must first get an entry permit, modify your status, pass a medical fitness exam, register for an Emirates ID, and then have your visa stamped. Considering this procedure’s importance, consulting an authority on establishing businesses in UAE-free zones is a wise option. This ensures that you and the people you want to sponsor are eligible before you ever begin an application.

  1. Great Location

Due to its fantastic location, Dubai’s Studio City is the ideal place for international entrepreneurs and businesses to reside. The free zone is less than 30 minutes from both of Dubai’s international airports, which are close to the busy E311 and E611 highways. Downtown Dubai and Jumeirah Beach are also conveniently located for those who prefer to work in a busy city.


Dubai Media City and Dubai Studio are proudly owned by a Dubai Holding Conglomerate, founded in 2005, and give you the impression that you are a part of a major film studio. If all the benefits mentioned in this post excite you, then you should consider choosing Dubai Studio City for your business in the UAE.

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